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All Praktik Tools equipment are subject to closely-monitored quality control.


Praktik Tools equipment performs in a way that will ensure successful completion of all your projects, whether you use it occasionally or over the course of several days to realize your projects. Along with the performance expected in the tool segment in all categories, Praktik Tools equipment also provides performance characterized by great power, battery level indicator for cordless tools, electronics with potentiometers for the selection of appropriate power or speed, anti-vibration handles for comfortable work, etc. With Praktik Tools, all your projects will be handled, assembled or manufactured in high quality.



Professional and technically qualified employees in the service center will solve all arising issues related to the Praktik Tools equipment. Our technical support can also give you advice on the use and purpose of each individual tool as well as other useful tips. You can always contact us to get the requested information, and all your inquiries will be answered as soon as possible.


In the past, tools were primarily designed to perform the basic function they were built for. Nowadays, design is a primary concern when building tools, and a special emphasis is placed on ergonomics. With all our tools built for maximum functionality, the user gets both performance and ease of use, and fatigue is reduced to a minimum even when using Praktik Tools equipment for a long time.


Considering the constant improvement in manufacturing while keeping up with the new technologies, Praktik Tools belong to the very top of the hobby and semi-professional tool segment. By using reliable and high-quality manufacturing materials and components, we provide high quality for an extended period of use. All Praktik Tools equipment is subject to quality control and close supervision.