Praktik Tools is positioned as the leading brand in the hobby and semi-professional segment. Through continuous development, new models and utilization of new technologies in the tool segment we provide our users with a large selection for all their projects.

Electrical tools

A large selection of hand-held electrical, cordless, air and gas tools for all intents and purposes of your projects. High performance and quality ensure quick and simple application and guarantee successful completion of all your projects.


Gardening is a form of relaxation and enjoyment for everyone who has a garden. All our garden tools, with their high quality, power and ergonomic design, will meet all your needs and result in your complete satisfaction. A large selection of lawn mowers and trimmers, as well as of other garden tools, will help turn your ideas into a green oasis: quick and simple.


Since water is the source of life and very important, find the tools you need in our selection of water tools, be it for irrigation or watering, water delivery or drainage. Due to their high efficiency and work performance, they are simply the best option when it comes to water.


A complete selection of high-quality accessories for all tools. Accessories are an important segment, a necessity for all users and an essential addition to tools. Ensure a high-quality performance or a fine finishing for your projects with the great versatility in the assortment.

Hand Tools

The most widespread necessity of every job in the hobby or a semi-professional segment is the use of hand tools. Our assortment and a wide selection ensure that all users find the right tool for the job in that segment. All our hand tools are made of high-quality materials with a special emphasis on ergonomics, so our users can do all their works easily and precisely. Quality and durability in the period of use ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Regardless of whether the projects are simple or complicated, Praktik Tools equipment is ideal for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the users with a high-quality tool at competitive prices while focusing on continuously improving our existing product assortment and developing new ones which follow market trends with a fundamental purpose: meeting the needs of our customers.
By constantly improving the product range, Praktik Tools covers the needs of all hobby and semi-professional users, as well as those who use the tools more intensely when performing everyday tasks. By maintaining a favorable price-performance ratio, the tools offer performance quality and reliability for each user with the following features:

  • Quality, durability and reliability
  • Unique and modern design and packaging
  • Competitive prices
  • User-friendly design
  • Ability to meet all project needs
  • Advanced functions
  • Ergonomic design